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Order status

To simplify editing orders, you can define a different status for each individual order. For example, you can very easily determine which of the orders you have sent and which ones have already been paid for.

Which different order statuses are there?

The following statuses are available:
Order status Description
Viewed You have opened this order in the administration area. Read the section A special feature: the 'Viewed' order status below.
Rejected You have rejected the order so it has been cancelled. The stock level is automatically adjusted for the relevant products. For more information on the stock level, read Stock level / minimum stock level. Only rejected and archived orders can be deleted by you.
In process You have started editing the order.
Pending Editing of the order is currently paused.
Ready for dispatch The order is ready but has not yet been sent.
Partially dispatched Parts of the order have been sent to the customer, but some have not.
Dispatched You have sent the complete order to the customer.
Delivered The delivery has been completed.
Partially invoiced You have partially invoiced the customer.
Invoiced You have invoiced the customer.
Partially paid The customer has partially paid the invoice.
Paid The customer has paid the invoice.
Returned The customer has returned the order.
Closed The order has been completed.
Archived The order has been completed and is already older.  Only rejected and archived orders can be deleted by you.

A special feature: the "Viewed" order status

The Viewed order status has a special role:
  • It is automatically set for each order as soon as they have been opened.
  • The order no. of an order that has not yet been marked as Viewed is shown in bold text in the table on the page Orders >> View orders.
  • Orders that have not been viewed are displayed on the home page in the administration area. 

How to manage an order's status

1. In the administration area in the main menu, select Orders and then View orders.
2. The table shows a list of all orders. The Status column provides an initial overview of the most important order statuses:
Icon Description
In process
Not yet Invoiced
Partially invoiced
Not yet Paid
Partially paid
Not yet Dispatched
Ready for dispatch
Partially dispatched
Not yet Closed

If you move the cursor over one of the symbols, you will usually see the date and time when this status was set.
3. To edit the status of an order, select its order no.
4. You can directly change the status of an order without editing the order itself by selecting statuses with the check boxes at the top of the page. As soon as you have selected a check box, the current date and time are inserted. You will then later be able to retrace when you made which editing step.
5. When you have specified the current status of the order, save your data.
You can determine that your shop automatically sends an e-mail to the customer when you have set a certain order status. For example, your customer will immediately receive an e-mail as soon as an order is marked as Sent. For more information, see Email events.
Orders cannot be edited if they have the status Rejected, Closed or Archived.
Orders can only be deleted if they have the status Rejected or Archived.
In the overview of the orders (under Orders >> View orders), you can also make a targeted search for orders with a specific status. To do this, use the advanced search. For more information, see The search function in the administration area.
Your shop system does not check whether the individual status of an order makes logical sense. For example, you may give an order both the status Rejected and Dispatched, or both Partially invoiced and Invoiced.
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